Hi there!
Thank you for the invitation!
I will not be able to come, but I am ready to communicate via the Internet.

Good luck!

З повагою,
Анатолій Карпюк

20 травня 2021, 00:05:36, від 2021@ecotopiabiketour.net:

Hello everybody

We hope you are doing fine.

The location for the Ecotopia Spring Meeting is set: we will meet in 
Moncalvo, close to Torino, North Italy. You are very welcome to join :)

Of course it is possible to join online with the classic jit.si-link 

The meeting will take place 4th, 5th and 6th of June.

The program and schedule is presented in the follwing pad as soon as 
they are ready. Feel free to already contribute discussion points or 
ideas into it :)


The place in Moncalvo is a beautiful farm surounded by nice hills. There 
is a regional bus going to Moncalvo on a regular basis. The next bigger 
train station is Vercelli, with connections from Milano and Torino.

At the moment to travel to Italy usually a negative Covid swab test from 
max. 48h hours before is required. 
is yellow at the moment)

Please let us know if you feel like coming so we can send you the exact 
location. Also for any other questions and feedback we are there. Mail 
us at info@ecotopiabiketour.net.

Wishing you all the best

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